Welcome to the World of Escanté

Our Mission

Welcome to the world of Escanté where our goal is to provide quality lingerie at affordable prices to the modern-day woman. We understand fashion trends and color forecast for the seasons and provide the best customer service experience that empowers the retail stores on marketing, strategy and overall sales.


We Believe

Escanté believes today’s Modern-Day Woman is Confident, Dynamic, Humane, Compassionate, Unstoppable and Yes…Sexy! Escanté celebrates the fierceness and softness that makes up the Modern-Day Woman with beautifully designed intimate apparel.  Apparel that is affordable with the best quality fabrics and laces available. 


Since 1986

Escanté is a wholesale intimate apparel company established in 1986 with headquarters in beautiful San Antonio, Texas.  Eduardo Kuri owns and operates factories located in Merida, Mexico.  Merida is the capital and largest city of the Yucatan Peninsula and largely populated by Mayans, Spanish, French, British and Lebanese decedents.



Since the 1980’s, Eduardo Kuri has been manufacturing beautifully designed lingerie.  His unique and creative approach to manufacturing has brought Escanté to the forefront and a leading brand in the Intimate Apparel business.  By using the softest fabrics and laces with a pallet of vibrant colors Escanté’s designs standout in the industry due to the vision of Eduardo and his creative team of designers.


Escanté cares

September of 2017 Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on Houston and thousands of people were left homeless due to the flooding and destruction.  Eduardo donated 1,000 cases of water for the families that were in shelters and displaced from their homes. In addition, the following programs have been put into place by Eduardo. (detailed information on Water Treatment in link below)


A little bit about us...

Escante has been in the intimate apparel business for over 30 years offering quality, affordable and creative designs for the wholesale market. Our factories are located in the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula.

We provides beautiful, affordable lingerie using quality fabric and laces.  We believe lingerie should be an expression of your day to day story. Dress from the inside out to feel good about yourself....Rediscover your inner voice with Escante lingerie.